What We Do

For Your Customers

For Your Employees

  • Customer Acquisition
Increase collaboration among your sales team while promoting more direct interactions with your target buyers and drive revenue growth by focusing on building relationships to reduce your sales cycles.

Increase sales effectiveness
Streamline sales training and on-boarding
Increase access to new buyers
Reduce sales cycles
Improve customer and prospect confidence

  • Customer Engagement
Develop (and maintain) interactive, mutually beneficial relationships with customers that will improve their overall satisfaction—and lead to retention.

Simplify and streamline customer on-boarding
Increase sales opportunities
Improve customer satisfaction
Gain insight into customer needs

  • Customer Support
Significantly reduce your support costs and improve customer response times by making your team readily accessible to customer needs in real time.

Decrease support costs and response times
Gain new insights
Enhance customer profiles
Join the conversation
Develop advocates and influencers

  • Social Learning
Bridging the gap between formal learning (the training you need to meet compliance and certification requirements) and the social learning already occurring within your business can help develop your workforce talent into star performers. Maximize the value of your learning programs with the combination of enterprise learning and performance technologies and social business software to create an engaging, multi-faceted learner experience that mirrors the way people really work and learn.

Streamline training development and delivery
Improve time to competency
Develop talent and careers
Increase learning program/event value and efficiencies
Build business agility and bench strength

  • Employee Engagement
An enthusiastic and engaged workforce can produce far-reaching benefits and demonstrable real-world value for your organization. Using social software to connect geographically dispersed employees, foster enterprise-wide innovation and ideation, and increase communication and collaboration among project teams can lead to increased employee satisfaction and a stronger, healthier business.

Encourage employee interaction and collaboration
Increase productivity and performance
Increase efficiencies
Drive employee satisfaction & retention
Create stronger relationships and reduce turnover

  • Recruiting & On-boarding
With its unique combination of social software applications, workplace collaboration features, and learning and performance management technologies, Resourceworx Learning can help attract top talent, simplify the on-boarding process, and assist new employees in quickly becoming productive members of your organization—ultimately leading to greater efficiencies and reduced costs.

Improve recruiting
Streamline on-boarding processes
Speed time to competency
Future-proof your organization