ResourceWorx is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Ottolearn, an Adaptive Microlearning platform created to improve knowledge retention.

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What is Microlearning? It’s often defined as short, easy to consume courses which can be delivered over any device, including mobile phones. But is that all that’s needed for learner engagement and retention? If you took a 20-minute SCORM course and converted it into four 5-minute modules instead, would that be a better experience for your learners? Would their engagement … Read More

CFIG Private Network Launch

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After a successful visit to the 2016 Chicago NRA, the CFIG and Resourceworx Inc are ready to begin rolling out the exclusive CFIG private network for it’s members. The first launch will start on October 1st 2016. All vendors participating in this launch will gain coveted access to over 1500 CFIG member store locations across Canada. This launch will be … Read More

Can sales training make an impact?

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From ordering more stock and improving product quality to upgrading essential equipment and opening new premises, there are several areas of a business where money can be spent. All of these will attempt to make an impact, whether it’s to enhance the customer experience or boost employee productivity. But at the end of the day, profit and prosperity will come … Read More

How to make B2B sales training more engaging

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Despite the fact that B2B sales training has good intentions, members of staff can struggle to see this. For them, it means being away from their desks and missing out on commissions to watch powerpoint presentations and listen to a lecturer. This doesn’t benefit anyone. The business will waste valuable capital on pointless teaching while employees will grow disillusioned with … Read More